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The Gimp Skull

Ok, so this isn’t exactly one for the kids, but I made it, so I feel obliged to share it! *WARNING*  If you’re easily offended by anything even remotely related to S&M/Bondage/Skulls, please divert your gaze to fluffier posts like … Continue reading

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The Voodoo Gingerbread Man

I have deserted Blogspot my friends, for a flashier, younger model that is WordPress. I know some of you may be grieving right now, but if you want to reminisce in the good old days, then do feel free to … Continue reading

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The Cupcakes

Tis 15:31 on a chilly Monday ‘noon as I write this, and I am now 99.9% certain that my soul has been consumed by The Cupcakes, and I fear they’re coming for the other .1%. So I surrender. My soul … Continue reading

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The First Creations

They made me do it. Cup Noodle   Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream (With edible chopsticks!)   Snail   Vanilla Cake topped with Green fondant icing, 1 Sour Swirl, 2 Toffee Bon Bons and 2 Eyeballs = Snail!  Isle of … Continue reading

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