Baking Withdrawal

There is a myth that those who love to bake who resist the urge will begin to sprout cupcakes and other confectionary related goods from their heads unless they give into the overwhelming need to bake. Resistance is futile; and my head is feeling itchy. I never thought I’d actually NEED to bake to keep my sanity in check, but with every day that goes by that I am apart from my KitchenAid, I become more withdrawn into my cakey thoughts. I even started drawing them on my desk today… Now, I don’t think I need help. I actually believe these thoughts are perfectly normal for your average cake obsessed girl. Do I think I have an unhealthy relationship with my KitchenAid? Of course not. It’s always there when I need it and it never answers back. Perfect Partner! 24 Hours until we can be together again…would it be too much if I sent my Kitchen Aid a Valentine?

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