Cakes…the German way

Dear readers, do not despair! I have not tripped and fallen off the planet, my lack of bloggage this past week has been due to a short but cake filled trip to the land of Berlin!
I saw ice creams 10ft high and held cakes 10mm wide, I think it’s safe to say I really absorbed the culture (cakes) of Berlin.

Berlin I have realised, is a highly torte tastic place to be. ‘Surely you mean ‘tart’!’ I hear you cry!
Do not fear, a torte is not some alien piece of cakeage masquerading as a tart, it is in fact, according to the highly reliable source that is Wikipedia, a ‘cake made primarily with eggs, sugar, and ground nuts instead of flour.’ and apparently not to be confused with tort which is a civil wrong at law…obviously.
And dya know, the idea of nuts instead of flour is not that dissimilar to our very own Bakewell tart which substitutes flour for ground almonds…I’m sure we had the idea first.
So! Pictures! May I advise the investment in a wipe clean keyboard at this point because the images you are about to scroll through are rather drool inducing, you have been warned.
The Tortes
The Giant Ice Creams
5 Doughnut balls for 1 Euro! Need you need any more of a reason to move to Berlin?!
Healthy slices…because there are strawberries on it.
Last but not least, the Strudel! Twas about 2 1/2 foot long which granted I thought was a large portion, but then it’s strudel, so really the extra 1/2 a foot is essential for that moment when you’re eating dessert, you realise you shouldn’t finish it for fear of looking greedy, but then that all important ‘sod it, it’s delicious’ moment comes and that extra 1/2 foot of strudel really comes into its own.
Not entirely sure what the thing on the right is, but it looked tasty which was reason enough to photograph it.
No visit to Germany would be complete without some trusty Wurst! Display complete with 2 stranded pigs…looking a little ‘wurst for wear’ (I know that joke was appalling, but it was in my head and it had to be put out there…sorry)
Wurst as far as the eye could see! Even curry wurst if you fancy your wurst a little spicy…

Sadly not a giant chocolate egg, but a ‘display’ easter egg. Personally I think it’s just cruel creating something that looks like a giant chocolate egg and putting it in a public place then delivering that crushing blow when you find out you can’t dive head long into it and eat it. I hate it when giant eggs arn’t real.

And finally, the best fish ever! If you ever get a chance to go to Berlin, make sure you go to the Zoo, even if it’s just to see this guy.
I believe he was chanelling the spirit of Elvis at the time this picture was taken…

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