Cappuccino Cake!


Before your very eyes is a Coffee Cake baked in an earthenware mug topped with a
meringuey icing, a light dusting of Cocoa for that classic
Cappuccino look with Chocolate Steam!

Pre-decoration snaps

Couple of trial and error cup-cakes in the animal themed cups in the background; I don’t think I’ll ever get the amount of mixture right in a cupcake because no matter how many times I bake cakes, I always underestimate how much they rise…

But the point is cooking cake in your mum’s best coffee cups works! I did wait nervously for an ear splitting crack as one by one my cups exploded under the extreme 160′ heat, but as some wise person pointed out, the kiln in which the cups were originally glazed would be waaay hotter than my humble oven, so not to fear! Stick ’em in the oven all day and they’ll just be a little toasty when you remove them filled with cake. Splendid.

Not content with simply creating a coffee flavoured cake I felt I must actually make it perfectly clear what the flavour of the cake is by actually sticking it in a coffee cup so there could be no confusion. And what with my obsession with making things appear not as they are, I thought it would be hilarious to make the cake actually look like a cappuccino, when in fact is is a delicious coffee cake. Genius.

In the case of creating my coffee cake I simply skimmed the top off which sadly meant I had to eat it, and proceeded to cover it in meringuey foam, cocoa and chocolate steam!

Coffee Cake in Coffee Cup? Done.

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