Frozen Cupcakes

Don’t you hate it when The Cupcake Cravings start, so you get up to assemble the ingredients only to realise you have everything but the eggs, and really can’t be bothered to make the 5 minute walk to the shop to get more.

Well, panic no more! For as I sat pondering at my laptop ways in which to abolish these fridge-y disappointments, it occurred to me, what if you could just freeze lots of cupcake mixture for the day when you have no ingredients and have to call upon your emergency frozen back up batter?
Does frozen cupcake mixture actually work?!
Yes my friends, yes it does. And here is the proof…

Admiteddly I had wondered if crazy things might happen during the freezing time, like the eggs getting too cosy with the flour and exploding or something before I’d had a chance to blast them in the oven. But actually, apart from a little dippage in the centre (which lets face it can easily be masked with a mountain of buttercream) They turned out edible! Which is all you really need from a cake…
I cooked these literally from frozen. I did for the sake of Cakey Science (It’s a recognised branch of science…honest) Leave 2 cakes out to defrost to see if it would make a difference but the only difference was I had to wait an extra hour before I could eat my cakes…which is not recommended. Plus you get exactly the same result, so why put yourself through the agonising wait?!
So yes, frozen cupcakes! They work 😀
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