Magical Chocolate Pudding Cake!

Now I am aware dear readers that I do bake a lot of cake. And 91.3% of this blog is about cake.

And this post shall be no exception! (Sorry if you read this blog in desperate hope that I will suddenly bake something savoury, I still have my sanity…) However, I havn’t just baked a cake this time dear readers, I have baked a Chocolate Pudding Cake! A Cake so delicious, so warm, so saucy, and so chocolatey that there almost wasn’t a ‘tudaah!’ picture to end on for I could have eaten it whilst it was still in the oven.
So, here you have the Chocolate Pudding cake that will make you embarassed to ever eat another chocolate pudding cake pretending to be delicious.
And ‘why havn’t you told me why it’s magical yet?!’ I hear you cry! Well, it is magical because it turns itself upside down…
First, combine your dry bits into a yin and yang like formation, makes all the difference in the cooking, gives the ingredients a sense of harmony with each other…
Then chuck in your wet bits making sure they take the shape of a weird blob thing with eyes…

Mixy mixy!

Then here comes the weird bit. Combine your sugars into attractive lumps (don’t I make baking sound so mouth watering?)

Sprinkle it over your cakey mixture…

I say sprinkle, what I really mean is completely cover your cake mixture in the sugary mix…

Then here’s the really alarming bit. Pour a bucket of water over the entire thing (bucket may be a slight exaggeration, please don’t pour a bucket of water over your pudding…)

And the water will magically float above it all, essentially drowning your cake. Sounds brutal, but it had to be done for the sake of cake. And sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

Now, although by this point you will probably be panicking, thinking I’ve played a practical joke on you and you’ve gone and tipped a load of water on top of what could have been a nice chocolate cake…and have vowed never to read my blog again…trust me! And observe the magic…

That’s right dear readers. Before your very eyes, your cake and water concoction will have turned itself upside down so you now have a delicious fudgey chocolate cake on top, and sticky chocolate sauce below!
As we all know I am no scientist, and maybe this pudding is beyond science, it works for the sake of all that is delicious and no other questions need be asked (like the question you immediatley think upon seeing the pudding, ‘where the £$%&£* did the water go?!)’
Do not ponder dear readers, do not even try and uncover the wonders of this magical cake, dare I say 8th wonder of the world? It’s secret is what makes it that little bit more delicious.
Just accept that you have a beautiful chocolate pudding in front of you. And enjoy.

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