Market Stall

So, at uni, I am doing an Apprentice stylie challenge where we have a bunch of groups and we all have to do ‘tasks’ and with every task, more groups get knocked out according to how much profit they made on that task until fiiinally 2 groups get through the final!
The first task were selling doughnuts in a shopping centre and my wonderful group, Team Bubble (I didn’t choose the name!) made £200 profit! And won 😉

Now, on to the second challenge, and by far my favourite, The Market Stall challenge, and we decided to have a Cupcake Stall! So after 3 days of non stop baking and no sleep, we all got up at the crack of dawn and sold our cakeage for 8 hours in the freezing cold! And you know what? We came second! So my friends, we’re through to the final 😀 And we have to pitch a product to John Lewis and House of Fraser so fingers crossed!

Now I know what you really want, pictures of cake!

Enjoy x

Putting my team to work making saucepans full of Buttercream! (This is a student apartment, so naturally compromises had to made…like using saucepans to make buttercream…but needs must!)

A boy decorating cupcakes! You’re not imagining it.

Burger Cupcakes!

Inspiration struck me on the eve before the market stall, and I knew I had to make it. A Giant Popcorn Cake!

And of course 2 Giant Burger Cakes…

And here’s our beautiful (vintage inspired…) Market Stall! By far the nicest one out of all the groups 😉 And our beautiful sales lady Jo!

And, my favourite piece of the stall, a giant wooden cupcake! Luckily no one tried to eat it…
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