Mince Meat

First of all, my sincerest apologies dear readers for keeping you gripped to the edges of your seats for this weeks post, only to find it 6 days late! My bloggage absence was not because I have forgotten your cakey needs, it was I assure you because I was fulfilling them!

And now I have before you, mince meat cakes.
I hear the sounds of glasses dropping and shocked cries from my humble abode. But I must assure you dear readers, that I mean only the sweet variety of mince meat, that made with juicy raisins, sultanas, spirits and spices…and beef fat of course. That lovely, crunchy suet we love to find nestled in our mince pies…
Now, I am not a lover of the mince pie, I favour only one: The lattice patterned mince pies from Marks and Spencers, and I shall eat no other. But I have always loved cupcakes more. So I pondered to myself, why should I idly sit by at christmas, watching everyone around me enjoying mountains of mince pies, whilst I abstain from the joys of over indulgence?
And then inspiration struck. No longer shall I not feel sick with everyone else. I shall take their mince pies, and turn them into something even more delicious! Mince Pie Cake!
Now, it still needs a little work, but this was more of an experiment to see if mince meat in cake would even be tasty…and I was very pleased to be proven correct.
I literally made my trusty vanilla cake recipe (weigh 2 eggs, copy that amount in flour, sugar and butter, mixy mixy and add vanilla essence = CAKE!)
Then! Here’s the special part. I added 2 heaped tablespoons of minced meat to this mix (I must stress, do make sure it’s the tasty sweet kind, or you could end up with a rather unique tasting cake…) and then I chucked in a load of all spice! Christmas in a pot basically…
Mixy mixy…
Bakey bakey…
Let it cool off…whipped up some buttercream, basically 200g of butter and enough milk, icing sugar and vanilla essence until you think to yourself, ‘yep, tastes good to me’ for everyones buttercream preferences are different…there are some among us who find it too sweet sometimes, but we shall not speak of them…
Then to your overly sweet buttercream, add more all spice because it’s delicious! Smother your cake in it, and hey presto you have a lovely mince meat and spiced buttercream cake which, I stress again, is DELICIOUS!
So for all you mince pie haters-cupcakes lovers; problem solved. Enjoy!

Notice the suet lurking in my mix…

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