My Birthday Cake

 Don’t cry for me dear readers when I tell you I had to bake my own Birthday Cake.

I believe people fear the great task of baking my cake upon realising I do bake rather a lot of cakes myself, and so the task of baking the ultimate birthday cake for someone who bakes a lot of cakes could be deemed quite a daunting task. So I thought, rather than let my beloved ones worry and sweat over such a gigantic task, I shall bake my own Birthday cake.

And so, behold, my Birthday Carrot Cake (I love Carrot Cake more than life itself…and the Cream Cheese icing more than that…) And of course I wasn’t just going to put a little token carrot on top, obviously I had to make it look as if the carrots were growing out of the cake like a vegetable patch…

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