The Baked Bean Cake

I know what you’re thinking…’Wow! I wish I’d thought of making a cake out of baked beans!’ and quite frankly, if you are thinking that, then you’ve gone too far into the realm of complete weirdness and ‘things that should never be contemplated let alone done’ that I fear for your health…

For dear readers, I have not actually done the unthinkable and constructed a cake from baked beans (don’t cry…I may one day, stranger things have happened…) I have in fact baked a cake IN a baked bean can!
Why do such a thing?! Well…I don’t admit to there being much logic behind any of my designs, more a battle of minds between me saying to people ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ them replying ‘no, that’s weird’ to which I respond in doing said cool thing, and people eventually coming round to the idea that yes, cakes in savoury household canned items, such as beans, is a cool and tasty idea. So enjoy!

(No baked beans were harmed in the making of this cake, they were just stabbed by a large metal pointy object and consumed with sausages and chips…They’re in a happier place now.)

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