The Picnic Part 2: The Scotch Egg!

Ok by now I should hope you all know I never make things that you think should be what they are…which made sense in my head.
So here I present to you, The Scotch Egg! Which of course is a Sweet Scotch egg with a fruity centre encased in Marshmallow and rolled in Amaretto biscuit…Just your average Scotch Egg!

(By the way, for those of you thinking, ‘…Seriously, what is a Scotch Egg?!’ It’s not a Scottish breed of egg, it is in fact a hard boiled egg (I can hear you drooling already at the image of that…) Rolled in sausagemeat (Again, bare with me) And rolled in bread crumbs! Ok admittedly when put like that you wonder why this thing exists, but trust me, it tastes delicious!

The Scotch Egg we all know and love.

No, I am not posting a picture of your humble lump of cheese on a stick, I am in fact posting a picture of your rather un-humble piece of Mango flavoured marshmallow on a stick, which just so happens to look like a piece of cheese on a stick! Genius.
This my friends is part one of my latest experiments to recreate your average British picnic fare of cheese, sausages and other delicacies on sticks alongside scotch eggs, sausage rolls and of course sandwiches and TRANSFORMING them before your very eyes in to works of all things sweet and cake filled whilst keeping their savoury bodies.
Stay tuned for Part 2: The Scotch Egg…or is it?!
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