The Voodoo Gingerbread Man

I have deserted Blogspot my friends, for a flashier, younger model that is WordPress. I know some of you may be grieving right now, but if you want to reminisce in the good old days, then do feel free to visit from time to time until your grief passes and you learn that, in time, wordpress was a necessary replacement. Things change, blogs change…they become prettier and shiner…I had to do it!

So! On to the post!

The Voodoo Gingerbread Man. Ok, I know it’s not Halloween…and I know that TECHNICALLY this isn’t a Cake…but it’s a close cousin.

I thought the humble Gingerbread man needed a little…jazzing up so to speak, so I decided to stitch him up and stick pins in him! Sorry G. Man…

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2 Responses to The Voodoo Gingerbread Man

  1. sagiangel says:

    Hi! I am linking this post to my Anti-Valentines Day party suggestions. I am making Voodoo Gingerbread Men please check it out!

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