They’re Croissants, honest…

Ok, as usual, things are not as they should be, and quite rightly so! Who says croissants have to look how they’ve always looked?! Time for a lil’ change in the croissant world…

So, without further ado, I present to you…Chocolate Croissant Sticks! Ok granted, they don’t sound as glamorous as an old school ‘Croissant’, and if you really want me to french things up a lil’ I’ll translate my creation to ‘Croissant Batons’ (don’t judge me if my french is wrong, I’ve only been twice, and even then I just spoke English but loudly…) but lets face it, ‘Croissant Batons’ sounds more violent than delicious…
So enjoy my Croissant Sticks! Milk Chocolate encased in a length of buttery Puff Pastry for that light, buttery crisp pastry we all know and love as The Croissant…but in my twisted, chocolate style šŸ˜€

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