Things on Sticks

Or to be more precise, Cake on Sticks!

I do hate wastage, and so with a little help from Bakerella and her Cake Pops*, I made my own!

The Bee, The Ladybird and The Eye. All covered in Fondant, all with a stick up their backsides. Lovely. But for those rare days where you can’t stomache an entire cupcake (If you suffer from these days I suggest you see a doctor) then a little taster cake bite will keep you going until you seek out your cupcake fix!

*Cake Pop: In my books, is a mix of waste Cakeage (I say ‘waste’, no excess cake is a waste, but I have been told excessive hoovering up of excess crumbs with one’s face can lead to mild weight gain, and I’d hate to have to pay for lipo just because I ate one too many crumbs…) Anyway! yes, I make cake pops by combining stray cake crumbs and buttercream until you can pick up a teaspoon full and roll it into a ball.
THEN I place these little balls on a plate and stick ’em in the freezer to get nice and chilly before removing them, sticking a stick up their cake bums, and dipping them in fondant/chocolate/my mouth then allowing them to dry and decorating them in love! Or whatever I might need to make my desired cake pop…Enjoy!
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