Whippy whippy!

Now dear readers, I know what you’ve been thinking since you first caught The Baking Bug, a disease well known among scientists and doctors alike that penetrates the brain to make you think you must bake all day every day, or you will die. Or, erm, at least crave having something to bake!

Ahem, anyway…
Back to reading your minds, you have all been thinking, ‘What would happen if I incoporated whipped egg white, commonly referred to as ‘meringue’ into the humble cake mixture?’ Well, ponder no more, for I have done such a thing!
Also, whilst killing 2 birds with 1 stone (not literally, apparently that’s frowned upon…) I defrosted a load of egg whites that had settled in at the back of my freezer…
Threw them in the microwave to make them useable…
And tudaah! Defrosted egg white ready to be whipped in to shape! Notice the lovely little blobs of eggage and cooked egg white, lovely smell…
So, having my nicely warmed bag of egg whites ready, I brought out Mr. Kitchen Aid’s younger brother, Mr. Hand Mixer. He wants to stand alone, he’d LOVE to have multiple attachments, but alas, he has but 2, and is useless if you try and use him sitting on his bum unless you want to turn your mixing bowl on its side…which I don’t advise unless you enjoy eating your cake mix off the floor.
Next, use the only sugar left in the house that your brother relies on because he can’t stand coffee without sugar and loves sugar; and so as the sister it is my sisterly duty to find new and innovative ways to annoy said brother and this time it was time to bake his most prized ingredient in a cake. Hiding it would be too easy readers, that would mean it was still retrievable. Baking it in a cake however ensures no possibility of him finding it, and the anger is soon outweighed by my presenting him with the cakes I used his sugar for! Everyone’s a winner…
So once you’ve chucked a load of sugar in (or I should say, once you’ve gradually added your sugar between whisks…) It should slowly (but surely) turn glossy and thick and into the meringue mixture we all know and love!
And now time to turn Mr. Meringue into Lord Cake.
Add a load of Vanilla extract…
Add a load of melted butter…

Add a load of Self-Raising flour…
Mixy mixy…
And here you can see because of the extreme whippage courtesy of Mr. Whisk, the mixture has a ton of air bubbles in and is quite a frothy like mix

Now I shall confess readers, I thought by adding meringue mix I would unlock some magical secret to an amazing cake. One full of air and egg whitey goodness.
But alas dear readers, because Mr. Whisk got a little whipping happy, he whipped waaay too much air into my little cake and, whilst cake still prevailed, the texture was kind of weird and spongey and it didn’t really taste of much.
Conclusion? I would have been better off making a meringue and a cake, the 2 were just never meant to live in marital tasty bliss…but at least I tried!
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