My Cupcake Cake Pops…

I had to give in and try it readers. Pops are everywhere, big ones, small ones, some as big as your head. As if by fate, I had some left over cake and buttercream…and it was crying out ‘Make me a Cake Pop!’ so, once again, I had to give in to the demands of the magical speaking cake…

First off, we throw our cake into our food processor whose blade has on many occasion lashed out at it’s owner and inflicted painful little bladey cuts on said owner’s hands…bad processor.

Then once your cake is cut up to within an inch of its life (breadcrumby) throw in about a 1/3 of the volume of cake mix in buttercream. Whizz it all up again until the cake and buttercream get friendly with each other and form a more solid mix of cake n’ cream.

Then we mould our tasty mix into sausage shapes…fat sausages I might add…

And reach for our trusty flower shaped cookie cutter…

And force our cakey sausage through said cookie cutter! Much like a butcher forces miced pig through a machine to get lovely lil’ sausages…except the pops won’t come out wrapped in their own intestine…yum. Anyway! Push the mix in until it’s poking a little out the bottom of the cutter and push it into all the nooks and crannies!

Trim off any excess around the edge…and pop your pop out!

Next, melt your chocolate. Don’t bother with all this ‘chocolate tempering’ rubbish, stick it in a bowl over hot water and wait until it melts, simple. Words like ‘tempering’ are only used by chefs to make them feel clever…

Then dip the base of your pop into the chocolate, and shove a stick up it’s poppy bottom and find ingenious ways to stand them up whilst they dry; I chose the holes in my collander…

And the packaging to my laptop…and leaning against a salt shaker…I did say be creative…

Then we melt our white chocolate!

Dippy dippy…


Cooly cooly…then decoration! Since these are cupcake pops, a ‘cherry on top’ (smarties…) and a few sprinkles were in order

Now, these were my first ever Cupcake Pops. And I personally don’t think they look too shabby! Although maybe candy melts are better for dippage as the chocolate is a lil’ thick so the detail around the base isn’t amazingly clear…but let’s face it they’re going to be eaten so they’ll do! Hurrah! x

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