Torture Garden cakeage

So I did a lil’ fetish inspired cakeage last week; largely chocolate gimp heads, gimp cookies and cake-pop ball and chains! I was going for cute-fetish if such a thing exists…

The Cookie…

The Heads…

The Ball and Chain..

Everyone in their little black box…

I discovered some magical things doing this project dear readers.

1) Black food colouring never dries…especially when applied to chocolate.

2) Making chains out of fondant will cause endless hours of pain, as for every 5 you make, at least 3 will break. Patience and perseverence is needed to make little fondant chains…and a lot of edible glue…

3) Always test-run ideas before making them 2 hours before the event; 9 times out of 10 what works wonderfully in your head almost never works out perfectly in practice; a lesson I will be doomed to repeat forever more

4) Never give up! Even when all your ball and chain pops are breaking before your eyes and dropping on the floor and you feel like drop kicking the lot out the window…breathe, let your father eat the fallen pops (R.I.P.P…rest in peace pops…) Keep calm and Carry on!…and fix your cakeage…

5) Having never formally trained to make any kind of cakeage, everything I do is a learning curve (hence nothing working out properly first time…) Creating cakeage for me is a case of on the go trial and error and finding out things don’t work as they melt and burn in front of you; but finding ingenious solutions! I never knew cake could inspire anger and frustration…followed by complete satisfaction and relief. I love you Cake, for all the despair and love you inspire 😀 x


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