Treacle Flapjacks

Now I know there are some crazy people among us who refer to Golden Syrup as ‘treacle’. Let me clear up this little bit of confusion once and for all. When one refers to ‘Treacle’, one means the densley thick, oil like stuff that looks like so:

And if one were to refer to Golden Syrup…one would suggest this little pot of glorious, syruppy goodness that er, I have known people to sample on its own…but not me of course, just people I know…

This post my cakey friends is about the former, Thick, Black, Treacley Flapjacks.

It occurred to me last night, I have used Golden Syrup for flapjacks…I have used Honey for flapjacks…but I have not used, nor heard of the useage of, treacle in a flapjack…(Here’s where I get a hundred people telling me Treacle in Flapjacks is a ye olde recipe for flapjacks known to everyone but me…I apologise, twas a revelation to me!)

Having of course my trusty tin of treacle sitting in my cupboard I sprang from my chair, chucked a load of butter, demerera sugar, treacle and oats into a pan and cranked the heat up. (My recipe book would be very short, what with the lack of precise measuring…I don’t go for ‘measure’ or ‘weigh’, I prefer ‘chuck in’ and ‘throw’…)

It’s amazing how you can go from Treacle Flapjack pondering to having the very thing in front of you within about 20 mins…and it was a very tasty thing. A much deeper, and a lot less sweeter version of the Golden syrupy flapjack we know and love. The Treacle Flapjack is for those among us who would like to keep our teeth a little longer.

This was eaten before I could take a better shot of its innards, but it is simply a little darker than your average flapjack.

I’d say these are a brilliant alternative to your average flapjack if you don’t want to send your blood sugar levels over the edge. Enjoy!

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