Home-made Cookie Cutters!

I don’t know about you dear readers, but after spending many minutes toiling through cookie cutter sites (mainly US ones because the UK has a serious lack of interesting cookie cutters…a real cookie issue I feel…) I found them to be a) hugely expensive, some were $14 just for a skull shaped cookie…b) postage alone could be about $20 so so far that’s $34 for a cookie cutter (roughly £29) and c) being an impatient fellow, I’d have to wait at least 15 days for my gold plated cookie cutter, and frankly I don’t have the money or the patience for 1 cookie cutter…and so dear readers, to put an end to this madness, I give you the home made cookie cutter. It’s cheap, it’s recycled! So big bonus points on saving the planet and all that good stuff, and best of all, if you break it, it will take all of the consumption of a can of coke, 5 minutes hard-core metal working and a lil’ UHU and bob’s your uncle, you have another custom cookie cutter.

‘So how on earth are you doing this!’ I hear you cry! Well, observe…

First you enjoy a delicious cold tinned beverage. Upon finishing, you cut the top off (careful of your lil’ fingers! Although I have to admit I’ve never cut myself on a tin despite people shouting out ‘Be careful you’re going to impale yourself!!!’ I think cookie cutter making should involve an element of risk…) Anyhoo, once the top is off, start cutting a spiral out of the remaining tin so you end up with a long strip of tinnage. I forgot to take pictures of this part but don’t panic, I’ll post some of my next cookie cutter making expeditions.

So! Next up, once you’ve got your strip of tin, think of a magical shape you want to create that would otherwise have cost you £30 and 3 weeks to buy off the internet…I chose a cloud (because the first cloud I ordered turned out to be 3cm long, not 3 inches long as ebay had said…I was a disgruntled customer and did not leave positive feedback, so I win.)

And basically, begin the folding! If you like draw out a template of your shape if it’s a little more complicated and fold it according to the drawing. Me, I prefer going ahead and folding with pure hope and luck!

Next get your biscuit dough ready and simply press your wonderful creation into it. Bear in mind it probably won’t be perfect and flat so you’ll have to press it in bit by bit to get the perfect shape, but atleast you saved £30…

Admittedly I had no glue to hand for this one…so paper clips had to be used.

8-10 minutes at 160.c in the oven and tudaaaaah! Cheap Cookie Cloud Cookie!

And here’s a selection of a few other novelty cutters I am ashamed to admit I bought before I realised the wonders of making them for meself!

Mini fail cloud…

Of course I had to get me some edible sunglasses…

And finally…a  tiny little biscuit man! (I have to admit, this lil’ guy is another result of a metric mix up, it was advertised as being 20cm tall…and was in fact 2 inches tall…some how I think I prefer him being a vertically challenged cookie cutter man…)

Good luck Cheap Cookie Cutter making! x

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8 Responses to Home-made Cookie Cutters!

  1. Melissa says:

    I have to agree with you completely. It is very hard for me to find a good selection of cutters. So besides the internet where else close by can you get them. So i think this is a great idea. I will being trying it this week on one of my cookie bouquets thanks so much for the idea

  2. CobyLyn says:

    Excellent article!! Much easier to work with then copper and tin snips and drills etc :o) You have made my day Sir!! x

  3. tiffany says:

    Would you use hot glue to hold the ends together or tape?

  4. Sarah Duran says:

    Thank you SOOO much! I just made my daughters first batch of sugar cookies and the day was almost shot when I realized that we don’t own cookie cutters… Your idea is PERFECT!

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