Joseph Lambeth Piping

Now I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who raised a bemused eyebrow when reading that Kate Middleton (Future Queeny) requested the Joseph Lambeth technique used on her cake. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only cake enthusiast in the nation who, when asked by friends and family what it was, feigned an intricate knowledge of the technique based on pure fantasy, I think I delivered a description that described the Joseph Lambeth technique as the technique of stacking more than 5 cakes on top of each other, which seemed to please my un-savvy cake mates…I however inwardly blushed and cursed at my lack of knowing what this was, and therefore made it my cakey misison to educate myself and others as to what this fabled, but amazing technique is…

I give you, a Lesson on Lambeth!

The Joseph Lambeth technique is, in it’s simplest form, the idea of using intricate piping techniques to create 3D piped work; namely the unique use of overpiping to create scrolls and lacey, floral and ornate patterns.

Now I’ll admit, this all sounds, and looks, insanely complicated. Creating various parts that have to be recoated several times to build up the depth of the pieces then sticking them on…but you can’t deny the end result looks amazing. I’d say I’m surprised you don’t see this technique used more often, but from many accounts of people who practice the Lambeth technique, one should be prepared to clear their schedule  for a good few days and nights if one is embarking upon attempting the Lambeth technique…

Now of course this wouldn’t be a post on the Lambeth technique without pictures of what inspired it…The Wedding Cake!

The Royal Wedding Cake

Royal Wedding cake

I’m in love with those cross hatched pieces at the bottom of the 5th tier…

 Royal Wedding cake

And some lil’ videos from Fiona Cairns and Mc Vities…

Royal Wedding Cake History lesson…

George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The late Queen Mother)

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s wedding cake

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips’

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s (one of 23 cakes).

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s (Anyone else notice the distinct lack of Fergie at the wedding…and her daughters unique fashion sense…)

Prince Edward and Sofie Rhys-Jones’

Bill and Kate’s (clearly the winner…)

Here are some simpler examples of the Lambeth techniques to, if you dare, get started…

And of course Mr. Lambeth’s book incase you really don’t have a clue what you’re doing…

P.S Here’s a cool cake made to represent supposedly the first real stacked wedding cake inspired by St. Bride’s Church in London…

 I’m thinking next on the cards could be a Lambeth inspired London Eye cake with little pods of fruit cake…wish me luck!

My pick of other mental wedding cakes:


Not entirely sure I see the point in a cake the Bride can’t even reach…still, at least it puts a new spin the phrase ‘Eyes bigger than your stomache’…’Eyes bigger than your entire body…plus a chefs hat’

Simple and effective…


Kuwait Cake 5

Kuwait Cake 3

And finally, no wedding cake post would be completed without ending on The World’s Worst Wedding Cake. Behold…

Inspiration on the right, reality on the left…

Er, it’s the thought that counts?!

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3 Responses to Joseph Lambeth Piping

  1. Fantastic blog really factual and interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. As a cake decorator I find I am always learning which is half the fun of my job.

  2. Mary says:

    I find your commentary incredibly amusing. Like you, I also go on missions often looking to educate myself about the techniques that I don’t know. This Lambeth thing is some serious business! I wish I could afford that darn book!! lol

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