And they called it Cookie Love…

But I’ll guess they’ll never know,

How a young cookie…really feels,

And why I love them so….

Ahem, that was Donny Osmonds unreleased version of ‘Puppy Love’…’Cookie Love’


So! We all know and love cupcakes, but I’ve been thinking dear readers, ‘What’s next?’ Of course cupcakes arn’t going anywhere, and Whoopies and Pops are currently having their time to shine, but I can’t help but think the humble cookie has been overlooked in all this baking madness. And there are some truly amazing cookies out there…

Now, I’ve already introduced you to Home made cookie cutters so you don’t have to worry about reading this post then running out to buy loads of expensive cutters…

First off, of course, is my own creation, The Voodoo Gingerbread man! A Halloween interpretation of our second favourite Christmas man…but with a few pins and stitches in ‘im (Sorry G. Man)

Gingerbread man Disected…Did you think he was all just ginger and spice and all things nice?!

The Biscuiteers are a biscuit loving company with a truly amazing name, and some truly amazing biscuits.

And best news of all, they’ve just released a book! Now we can all be biscuiteers… 


Birdy Biccies


Not even fortune cookies could escape being pimped…


Why choose between Cookies and Cupcakes when you could have all in one?

Simple, but brilliant, biscuit messages by Anna Garforth

Who knew jelly dropped from a height and hitting a solid surface could look so beautiful…(nothing to do with cookies I know…but it does look rather good, and I only strive to deliver excellence to you dear readers…)

So, back to the cookies!

This his Cookie Boy. And yes, his necklaces are made out of cookieage. Genius.

COOKIE SHOES! Never mind their obvious impracticalities…look at them, they’re shoes…made out of cookie!

Cookies on Etsy!

Royal Crown Cookies in Pink - Set of 6

Holiday Cookies


3D Cookieage

Homemade 3D Christmas Tree



Cookie Art


And now for all of you who are finding all these cookies a bit too cute and predictable, how about surprising friends and loved ones with some foetus cookies?


Here’s a lil’ video and recipe to get you started!

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