Mini Wedding Cake

To begin, I will make it clear that I have never stacked a cake in my life, let alone attempted to make one, and make it look remotely wedding cakey.

So, this being a small cake, I didn’t want to use normal sized tins, so I thought outside the cake box, and found a mini cake tin, a cup, and a cookie cutter, obvious cake making equipment…

Now, unless I just don’t know a lot about wedding cakeage, I’m pretty sure the more traditional is 3 layers of one flavour. Frankly readers, this disturbs me. This is the one day of your life you get to consume 3 slices of cake and not be severly judged and frowned at for doing so, so why make all 3 layers the same flavour? Or dare I utter the words, a dummy cake?

So, each layer in my mini cake is 3 different flavours; chocolate, fruity and vanilla.

I’d been looking forward to making my first fruit cake. But, I only had a day to make the entire cake, so naturally I didn’t have the 1-2 months delia suggests to let your cake ‘mature’ and load it with alcohol. Nor did I have treacle, dark brown sugar, glace fruits, candided fruit peel, fruit in general, any booze or mixed spices. So, lacking slightly in the ingredients that actually make up a classic fruit cake, I decided to borrow elements from different fruit cake recipes that incorporated the ingredients I did have at the back of my cupboard.

Behold, the fruit cake with random mixed fruits, all spice and strong tea all mixed into your basic vanilla sponge mix (without the vanilla) to create light, fruit cake wannabe ‘fruit cake’

Mixy mixy…

Plop into the random receptacles…

Here is ‘fruit cake wannabe in a mug’ which I think is actually quite a cool shape, muffin like…clearly this cake is a confused one, it wants to be a fruit cake, it dreams of being a muffin, but alas it never quite lives up to being either…but it did taste very nice…

I chopped the lil’ cakey heads off…yes, cake making can be brutal and crumbs will be spilled…

Decapitated cake.

Perfect lil’ Sponge.

Here’s the sponge pretending to be a ghost…(I may have rolled an entire box of rolled icing on to a tiny cake…the shaping of it around the cake was an interesting experience…)

But persistance prevailed! And I made my first rose! (Out of royal icing…only afterwards did I realise it may not have been so squishy and annoying to make had I used sugar paste…you learn from your cakey mistakes!)

First attempt at icing on to a cake…not tooooo shabby for a first attempt! (And let’s face it, how important is the icing really when all you want to do is eat the cake?!)

Disecting the cake…


I’ve always wanted to do this, and more people should! When faced with a 3 tiered cake, don’t just take a lil’ slender slice of each. Get yourself a big, unapologetic 3 tiered slice of cake!

That’s it for this week dear readers, don’t forget to tune in next week for some more bizarre cakeage!


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