Cake…baked in fruit?

Now, depending on how you look at these babies, they’re either very successful, or an epic failure. I’m on the fence.

These were an experiment: Can you bake cakes in fruit? Answer: Yes…and no. The no depends on how much of a presentation nutter you are.
The idea was to bake a nice little cake in the hollowed out fruit, pop the top back on, so when your curious father comes along to eat his daily apple, what does he find lurking in his apple a day? a CAKE! What better surprise could one hope for?!

So off I went, got me an apple, hollowed it out, made my magical cake mix, wrapped my fruit in foil! a) to prevent possible burning of fruity skin and b) I thought there might be a really clever, scientific logic behind doing it, and it made the whole thing look more experimenty…

So yes, fruit hollowed, mix in, fruit in oven, wait patiently, but nervously…
To my great surprise the cakes did actually start to cook and rise…and rise…and rise…right above their little tops. THUS preventing the genius behind the original design which was to pop the top back on for the grand cake-in-fruit reveal. But alas, it was not meant to be.
The good to be taken from this little experiment: As a cake in fruit, the apple skin went a little wrinkly, which doesn’t exactly look appetising. The orange however did work rather well…except unless you’re a little strange and love orange skin, you can’t simply bite into and eat the entire thing; which you could do with the apple!

Cake in apple: I added cinammon for that classic apple n’ cinnamon combo so that all tasted lovely. I could also pull the cake right out the apple which on the inside was a weird but nice mushy appley-cinnamony-cakey pudding with a nice warm, mushy apple skin SO, as a dessert with a lil’ custard on the side could all taste rather lovely…
SO my friends, cake cooked in fruit? Technically: Brilliant.

Aesthetically: Horrible. Taste: Rather nice.

Cake in fruit as a dessert: Stroke of Genius
(Possibilities: Cake in fruit could work better in a baking apple…Do feel free to try other fruits! I’m currently mulling over the idea of caked cooked in a raisin…shall report back soon…)

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