Top of the Pops

Cake Pops have taken over the world. (Or America and the UK at least…) From Harrods to Starbucks, they’re now the most recent cakey ‘craze’ to hit those with a sweet tooth. With cake pops you can literally have your cake and eat it, as they’re essentially balls of cake mixed with buttercream and decorated from simple cakey poppy balls to miniature Lady Gagas.

And so, without further ado, I present to you (In my humble cake obsessed opinion) the Top of the Pops! (I couldn’t resist the glaringly obvious association between the title of a beloved early evening music programme featuring the top music acts of that week and the perfect title it presented for this post…had to be done dear readers.)

Our story begins with Bakerella. Arguably The Creator of the Cake Pops and their various incarnations we have come to know and love. She has been creating amazing works of Cart (Cake-Art…again, apologies) and it all started with a humble little ball we now know as a ‘Cake Pop’

Chocolate Cake Balls

From balls to ice-creams, Bakerella’s imagination is limitless and inspiring!

IMG_0995    Sesame Street Cake Pops

…and of course she introduced the world to Cupcake Pops! The best thing since Cake Pops…


Ok so enough gushing about Bakerella, onto my next favourite Poppers who I regularly net-stalk; POP Bakery, the UK’s answer to Bakerella.

I’ll let their creations speak for themselves!



Is there a deep, subconscious childhood moral code against eating the heads of Lego men?!

Never seen anything like these before! Lil’ bit clever…

No idea how you’d make these, but I love ’em! by kCreative


The amazing Cake Pop Princess


Royal Wedding Poppage by Rhubarb and Rose

The infamous creations by Molly Bakes!

Angry Birds Pops of course…

Scary demon ice cream ‘Pops’…



Fancy making some of your own? Here’s a good step by step (photos as well!) guide to getting started on your road to Pop Obsession

And er, if you can’t be bothered, why not just bake your balls?

Enjoy! x



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One Response to Top of the Pops

  1. Kris says:

    Hi! Didn’t even know I was featured in your blog till just now! 🙂 I’m Kris from Goods by kCreative. I made the hot air balloons, sushi, super mario, and molars. Just FYI – my website is It’s under construction but there are links there to my FB page and my old site. Thanks for having me on this list! Much much appreciated.

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