Somehow dear readers I have strayed from the path of Cake and have found my way to Cookie City (I genuinely wish such a place existed…populated with Gingerbread men living in Gingerbread houses surrounded by hills made of Cookie dough where it rained chocolate chips in the Winter and little Shortbreads bloomed in Spring…you can see how days of my life pass me by whilst I imagine Cookie worlds…I admit it’s a problem and I’m seeking Cookie related help.)

Anyway! My brain has become infected with Cookie ideas these past couple of weeks readers and I feel it is my duty to share the contents of my brain with you, so enjoy!

To begin with, let me first unveil my new logo!

And now on to the eagerly awaited Cookieage…

This is the stall I created for a local fair; I wanted to make it clear to people I was selling Cakes, and yet still at least every other person came over the my table and asked ‘is this stuff real?!’ Yes…yes it is.

City Sign Cookies!

Murder mystery cookie…because cookies do bad things too…

Cookie Disguise…

This is the board I hand crafted to display my cookies (not magnets…) on which the wind enjoyed blowing over many a time. But my cookies are indestructable (that’s not to say they were burnt and inedible…) just cookies made for combat!

That’s all that came out of my brain for this week, stay tuned for more madness direct from my brain straight on to a Cookie…

And a couple more snaps from my stall…because I thought they looked pretty…



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