Novelty Cakes!

A plain 10 inch round cake with a flower on top is so last year…

Cakes are now life size, sculptural, or just plain bizarre. Anything you can imagine can be made out of cake these days. Move over Betty Crocker, these are the cakes you can’t buy in a box and add an egg to…


Ok, admittedly this isn’t a house made of cake, and I wish it was (despite the obvious impracticalities) But let’s take a moment of silence here to imagine how amazing it would be if this house were actually made of cake and the hours of joy it would bring consuming it…followed by the hours of feeling incredibly sick. Is this the eigth wonder of the cakey world?

Who needs a wedding cake when you can have an edible wedding dress?

Had to include the Harry Potter Cake (by Ace of Cakes)

You can have your cake and lie in it…

So apparently hanging ‘Chandelier’ Cakes are the new cakey trend? Can’t say I love it…

Tower of Cake anyone?

Again, if only it were real…

Lil’ bit of crazy sculptural cakes for your eyes to feast upon and wonder at how it could possibly be done in your own kitchen with a few food colourings and a paint brush…

The legend Mr. Terry Wogan in Cake. The cake version is in the background…

Who hasn’t always dreamed of eating their piano?!




I wouldn’t look too happy if that were supposed to be a cake of me either…

The amazing Skoda Cake!





A masterclass in all things cute and sweet all on one cake…

The Perfect Cake Cake.

Technically, this isn’t a cake. But it is pretty cool.


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