I love cakes. Big ones, little ones, some as big as your head. From
their humble beginnings as nothing more than a collection of
ingredients to their final finished form in all their cakey goodness.
I’d even love them if I burnt them, which has been known, but sadly
those ones face their final hours inside my bin, and not lavished with
mounds of delicious icing. R.I.P little burnt ones, gone but not
Nothing brings a smile more easily to someone’s face than a cake,
wether you live on a mountain of golden cakes (still in the planning
stages) or in a hole; everyone loves cake (unless you’re allergic to
eggs, butter, flour or sugar…in which case, you have my sympathy)


From cake to CAKE; A Baker’s Tale

It all started off so simply, I would just bake my cakes and job done.
Or so I thought, until someone asked me that age old question,
‘where’s the icing?!’
In a state of pure bewilderment I searched high and low for this thing
this lone traveller called ‘icing’ and before my very eyes hundreds of
beautifully iced cupcakes appeared to me as if in a dream…it was
then that i realised there was a world of endless possibilities with
icings, flavours and novelty ideas to be placed upon the humble cake.
All this time my cakes had been little naked things sitting in their
cases wondering what that empty space was above them that they
couldn’t fill. They knew they were cakes, they knew they were
delicious! But they knew something was missing…
So I braved the British weather, I trekked for several…hours, and I
found the holy Grail of icing! The Piping Bag. And how it glowed
within it’s packaging (largely down to the well lit establishment from
where it was purchased…) but nevertheless it was a magical moment! 

And since that day, my cakes have never looked so happy; I can almost
hear their cries of joy and happiness when they enter my pre-heated
fan assissted oven at 160′ ready to become fully fledged cupcakes;
ready to fly the muffin pan and spread love and cakey goodness to the
world! They make me so proud.

But alas, I could not just ice my little buns and send them off into
the world and go to sleep content, for I knew there were greater
possibilities out there, my cakes could be so much more than just
iced; they could be Cup Noodles and have edible Snails sit upon them!
They could be laced with strawberries or sprinkled with love! I
realised cakes could be so much more than just ‘pretty’, they could be
a creation in themselves, they could have their own personalities and
themes, they could rule the world!
So that is why I love cakes; making them and designing them, because
the possibilities really are endless; you could make anything from
cake. And the best thing about them? Well you can eat them of course

5 Responses to Me

  1. nina keevan says:


    Do you run cup cake decorating classes or anything similar? I am moving to Christchurch soon and have totally fallen in love with cup cakes and I am slowly learning how to bake with out burning anything! If you have any recommendations for local courses I would really appreciate it!

    PS love your website!

  2. nina says:

    Ah shame! x

  3. Hello my dear, love your blog u do make me laugh. x

  4. Alice Stuart says:

    Me and Mother looking at your blog, she pointed out U.Mike with biscuit tash, v.funny. See you next week. P.S. Bring cake

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